the remedy

a portal of

self discovery


the vision:

at the remedy, we believe in uninhibited human EXPRESSION.

a life of FREEDOM and beauty for all.

we are founded on the principle that you can heal + inspire your life, through your mind.

that beyond your conscious thoughts,

lives a world of authentic truth and oceanic power.

the key to anything resides within.

we honor the worth of every human.

and relate to you as capable of anything

you commit to.


the remedy x carianna

discover fully alive

the journey toward self-discovery is life’s greatest adventure
— arianna huffington
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the art of stillness: inhabit your body, discover your life.

the art of stillness: inhabit your body, discover your life.



discover the beauty of human science.

explore the inner workings of your mind; the language you use to create your life.

enhance your creativity, productivity, and awareness

be accountable to your word, and your worth

act in alignment with your commitments

visualize your ideal future

expand your capacity to be with discomfort and fear

maximize your capacity as a powerful human being


I am going to make everything around me beautiful.
That will be my life.

— Elsie De Wolfe


TRANSFORMATION x seven days of guided meditation

join me on a weeklong journey of intentionally breathing new energy into all components of your life and experience transformation.

so often we forget that the things we seek in the world are waiting to be discovered within and it is my intention that these seven meditations guide you back home to yourself. get comfortable, relax and enjoy the magic portal of self-discovery and inspiration.

'I am so very grateful to have come across a like-minded healer who clearly vibes off of helping others become their highest selves through coaching and connection. I continue to be inspired by her incredible work ethic, dedication to her unique craft, and ability to move others through their journey! I am most certain many many others would agree that Carianna is a bright light in our little city & I am HERE FOR IT'

- Dina


The Community

Saying yes to your journey means becoming a part of an amazing community of divine, powerful human beings.

thank you for being a part of the magic



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