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Why you should Namaste before nuptials

It’s finally the morning of your wedding! Need a moment? Consider taking an hour to practice yoga before your day begins – it is the best gift you could give to yourself on your wedding day.

Slow Down

Does the word ‘relaxation’ seem like a foreign concept? Get ready to roll out your yoga mat. Taking time on your wedding morning to pause and relieve yourself from any unnecessary expectations will help you focus on what is truly important about the day. Find a sense of calm and mental clarity by bringing your attention to the present moment.


You are about to marry the man of your dreams! Have you embraced all that you have to offer? Re-connecting to the mind, body, and soul will remind you of who you are at the core. Get grounded and prepare to absorb all of the love that you will be receiving throughout the day. As you turn up the volume on feelings of gratitude, all of the inevitable distractions will fade away.

 Get outside

You have already selected the perfect wedding venue, now its time to take a moment to soak it all in. Imagine getting up with the sunrise and finding yourself immersed in nature – you can’t be much more present than that! The earth has a way of bringing us back to our selves and our natural rhythm.

 Bond with your girls

Your favorite people in the world, all together in one place – it’s called emotion overload. Your wedding is a moment that you will likely want to savor forever, so why not start the festivities early? Connect to the love and support of your family and friends through yoga. Lying in savasana surrounded by your squad – there is no better feeling in the world.