modern romanticism : a memoir

'the artist's feelings is his law'

the nature of romanticism can be described as such:

a preference for intuition and emotion over rationalism, a priority over emotions and feelings, self-expression via storytelling and the arts, originality and imagination, the deep desire for perpetual movement and change - to be unbound, and an aesthetic fondness for the beauty of nature.

the story of romanticism is so imprinted in my being.

you see it in the way I teach, the way I write, the way I love, the way I photograph.

I can only imagine how many lifetimes I have lived to be here today to embody this message.

it reminds me of the lessons I first really heard through my yoga practice - that I am the artist and creator, and my feelings impact this world I see around me - the law. my injured right shoulder reminds me every time I step on my mat. the hatred I have felt towards my own body and self, those emotions drove me to push harder. to be aggressive. to perform for the ego and ignore intuitive sense of love and compassion. it has taken me until recently to be able to practice powerful yoga again without falling into the trap of my darkest feelings and further creating violence. my mat has held me accountable to heal myself and shift my emotions, and I teach to inspire the same reflections for others.

be honest, if our mats give us the space to process and see all of our emotions - how do you choose to respond? do you ignore, rebel, or listen? can you be with the discomfort of anything (imperfection, anger, joy) and still love yourself? love is the emotion with the highest vibration, the power to transform any other feeling. what if we created all movement from there? 

it has me wonder, what is there to lose by living this way?

why not put on those rosy heart shaped glasses and fall in love with the world?

for me, romanticism has been key to the unfolding of so many miraculous events.

and the theme song to my everyday life.

the reason I surround myself with flowers.

the meaning behind my career.

when I know how I want to feel and prioritize that pursuit, I am in touch with my happiest self. I am creating from a place of authentic joy. I am inspired and fueled by my own emotions.

I am a modern day romantic, unbound, limitless, who loves stories of love and the aesthetics of nature.