a wanderer's guide to an unconventional life

if we were all meant to walk the same path,

why would we have our own two feet?

I have this crazy idea.

what if we all got to do exactly what we loved everyday and that was enough?

what if ‘work’ was actually the source of joy and we were all compensated for our passions?

can you even imagine?

I can.

people smiling and laughing and in love. there is relaxation and ease in the way we move. dedication and discipline is sourced from the heart space. pressure is released - a bubble of stress, confusion, anger, anxiety, aloneness popped. 

I feel lighter already. It reminds me of how I want to feel.

I understand it may come across as a more of fairy tale, a romantic spin on the dark world we live in, disconnected from 'reality.' living a life off the beaten path is not for everyone and it requires a deep desire to want to feel fully alive and brimmed with joy now. it takes knowing the self, breaking free from fear, wandering into the unknown, and strength in commitment. as we get closer to taking a leap and start venturing out on our own, the voices of society chime in louder: like 'hey, don't forget that I'm judging you and there's money and responsibility and security to worry about - you can't go pursue your passion and have all of these things too, that is selfish.' 

we learn at an early age that success comes from having a full bank account or else what the hell are we doing? trust me, I see am confronted with that question a lot. the - how will you retire and go on vacation and have a family if you don’t have a steady job and 401K now?

ah ha, well all of these stories are not necessary. I have chosen my own way and you can too.

life fact: you are the master creator of your paradise.

So, what would it take for you to believe in your own process? to believe that you deserve to do the things that make you feel light in your body and full in your heart...that you deserve to create your own path and leave behind the footprints of your legacy...maybe it still comes through a career, but it arrives from a stirring deep within.

try this:

take off your shoes and ground the soles of your feet into the earth.

feel the peace, serenity, and stillness emanating from your inner world.

welcome yourself home.

listen to the voices that speak from within.

give yourself permission to trust you.

what you would be doing right now if you already had everything you needed?

trust that you do not have to wait until to have that life now.

trust that whatever is calling you forward is not already being done.

it is your soul’s unique purpose to follow this path.

you are exactly where you are meant to be.

you are needed.

it is not too late.

not today or tomorrow.


twirl under the stars to no music.

drive a new route home.

take a trip to a foreign land.

move less or move more.

let your soles be your guide.


practice breaking free from the rules,

so you can go create your own.


happy wandering