reprogram your mind, remember your worth

the mind is a powerful muscle.

it can be used to create success,

it can be used to sabotage joy,

and most of the time we are operating under it’s automated command, forgetting that we have any responsibility to choose.

that does not make us wrong, or success impossible, but there is an opportunity that we as a collective seem to be missing:

the ability to fully enjoy our lives.

we have pretty shitty beliefs.

I’d like to start by saying that we must remember that we are amazing human beings with a very old brain designed to keep us safe and allow us to survive. even though fear gets a bad reputation, it does what it can to protect our lives, and for that we can still be grateful. it is how we evolved. ironically, however, these life-preserving subconscious thoughts are actually preventing us from truly living now.

basically, since we were born, we have been downloading information and storing it in our subconscious mind. our subconscious allows us to make sense of reality without having to relearn experiences over and over. it permanently stores everything that has ever happened to you, your parents, and their parents, and their parents...a memory bank of all of our thoughts which become hardwired into our brain synapses. the thoughts then become subconscious truths, habits, a blueprint for how we respond to the world. yes, this saves us time and energy from having to think consciously every time we encounter a red light or need to blink, but what then happens to our life? we take on more, stop at the first signs of discomfort, multitask, get distracted, get stuck. we start to believe everything the mind tells us because the brain has proven that it is very smart and highly functioning even when we are not actively trying.


thoughts like ‘you are fat, ugly, a failure, worthless, bad, unhappy’ all feel like truths because the mind tell us so.

we stop believing in our worth and our purpose.

we stop intentionally designing our lives from our heart and soul (because money, because time, because risk etc.)

our brains become boss.

our thoughts need to be reprogrammed.

but why would we want to reprogram our brains if they keep us safe?

because what if safety is actually an illusion, a self-imposed trap, a limit….

what if a fulfilling life actually means making a commitment to being limitless, responsible, successful, and happy?

we can all train our brains to think, believe, and behave in ways that better serve our lives. that is a major part of what I stand for as a coach and a yoga teacher. when you have a mindset that what you are doing is going to work no matter what, you can propel yourself to accomplish anything. think of how many people value inspirational quotes - it's basically 90% of instagram. to me that is a sign that we as a collective consciousness are craving intentionality and joy, but that is only the first step: awareness.

if we are ready for a breakthrough, to release negativity and suffering, we must actually commit to disrupting these old patterns and habits which run super deep. it takes discomfort, resolve, and practice. it takes accountability, humility, and asking for support. but on the other side are new empowering beliefs that lead us to what we ultimately want. a beautiful life waiting to unfold.

Carianna Hebert