turned off my phone for a week, discovered the peace in my own heart

it is certainly not everyday that we find ourselves capable or willing to survive without technology and our devices, yet being able to detach from their overwhelming grip is vastly becoming something that we all crave.

I am not diminishing the fact that so many of us rely on our phones for connection, business, self-expression, security, and education. I am certainly not immune to that, and find myself thankful for the gift of being able to be seen and heard with minimal effort.

however, I would also ask - when was the last time that you felt connected to yourself in such a way that there was nothing left to prove, nothing left to get, no one else to be, only pure heart-bursting happiness for all that already exists?

totally present in the moment without trying to translate that into anything else – online, in perpetuity, or to the world. maybe you remember, or maybe you cannot relate.

have you ever had the experience of being powerfully emotionally moved, feeling total clarity or bliss, lost in time, space, wonder, and awe. some might call it a spiritual, magical, or miraculous coincidence. in psychology – a peak experience, where one has become self-actualized and experiences a transformation. I found home in my heart. these experiences that are rare or fleeting become even more challenging to realize when we live for the external world – for the next, for someone else, for something to be prove. the danger in our common understand of the pursuit of happiness.




I. yes, we live in a world that makes it challenging to let go when we have to much to do. no, it is not normal to just put your phone in a drawer for a week and not expect any consequences. YET, it is possible and the mental-spiritual rewards are endless. we get a break from comparison, expectations, addictive thoughts, and needing to know. what is left after all of that is just you. and space. you choose consciously how you want to fill that space, I see gratitude and joy.

II. what if in the process of re-claiming our hearts, magical moments become a side effect of the work – would you take it on? in my journey, it has been meditation, yoga, travel and coaching that has brought me to my divine nature daily. maybe start by considering where a safe place is for you to unwind and experience connection to yourself. you might try a no technology rule for the first 30 minutes of the day and last hour before bedtime. maybe you work up to meditation, taking a week off of social media, and a phone-less vacation.

travel is truly a gift that never ceases to provide me with inspiration and perspective. what seems real - like it needs to get done or totally matters or else I fail, starts to disintegrate with distance from the automaticity of my external world. when I take on adventures, it is as if I have a new pair of eyes - my horizons get widened, I see the expansiveness of what it means to be human, and what truly matters to me. there is truth and light in what at home can seem like a black and white world. to me, there is always opportunity for transformation when we travel mindfully, noticing our interconnectedness as beings on the planet, tapping in to what sources us, and the power and peace that exist within. I hope that you get to experience one day, the peak of enoughness that you already are.