meditate and muse (v.)

do you ever have astounding moments of complete clarity and inspiration?

moments when everything makes sense, the world is quiet : smiling back at you, and you can feel the energy inside your heart beating? I hope that you do. it is the gift that meditation can provide.

some may call them miracles.

I call them miracles.

and the best part is they are co-created by you.

what if you had access to presence, clarity, and inspiration more often?

wouldn’t your life look more like your dreams?

wouldn’t there be more than one way to get somewhere?

freedom, clarity, and inspiration are the after picture of meditate and muse, my miracle moment creation that evolved as an expression of my purpose and passion: to lead humans home to themselves (myself included).

meditate and muse is about going within to inspire every component of your life - to quite literally ‘inspirare, to breathe life into’ your days, weeks, and years on earth. it is about unleashing your soul, empowering your intuition, and celebrating your divine power. musing your authentic self to life.

it is a continuous journey. for as long as we live.

and it is a practice.

we will get distracted, tired, uncommitted, lazy, and scared. yet to keep evolving and making an impact, we must constantly re-align with our intention. we must have people who know our dreams. we must be honest with ourselves about the support we need. some may find it a daunting commitment to meditate daily. and that is ok. you can still commit. I am constantly creating new ways to make meditation more fun, accessible, and addicting so that one day you may run out of excuses not to (p.s. you can sign up for my newsletter or click around the site to meditate and muse with me both in charlotte and tulum, it will impact your life ♡).

and do not get me wrong, I am not a perfect meditator guru. I meditate daily in the morning and it has taken me many failed attempts to figure out what works for me. actually, the inspiration for the writing in this article came from noticing myself in a cycle of checking all of the apps on my phone, letting time slip by without noticing, waiting for a miracle to appear - heyo, it sure as heck is time to put the phone down and close my eyes and just be. rather than wishing for something to appear like magic in my inbox, I now choose to create my miracles by reaching from within and welcoming the magic home. these words are my heart.


Carianna Hebert