the power of visualization, in dream acquisition

Bali was a perfect dream come true. and yes, I intentionally say perfect. 

the people, food, design, coconuts, rain + sun, sand, lush colors, and magical healing powers of the land, all had me in a constant state of “pinch me” - this is real life and I created it.

however, the path to my personal paradise did not open up for me immediately. 

and it confronted a lot of my worries, struggles, and fears. 

it wasn’t until nearly two years after the seeds of desire were initially planted, that I found myself wandering through the streets of Ubud and playing in the swell of the Indian Ocean. a lot longer than my immediate wants craved. 

the story:

flashback to early 2016: I saw a link to the a Bali yoga retreat on my dearest friend’s website, and something inside me was sparked. I reached out to her almost immediately and was excited to learn more.

however, at that point, my reaching out was the extent of my willingness to explore. once we started talking, I could feel the embarrassment and fear take over. why did I even think this would be possible? I had recently quit my full time job and invested my savings in a yoga teacher training. no one was going to gift me the money, and the paralysis of lack took over. I definitely did not have enough to make my dreams come true. and that hard stop was super painful. I had intentionally chosen my life path and was relatively happy, but boy was I bound by some big time fears. 

fast forward to a year ago, I watched the Bali retreat ‘16 happen before my eyes (via trusty social media) and something within me started to shift. Of course FOMO, but also some part of me felt as if I belonged. Something inside me kept calling me to watch, to believe that I could have this adventure too. I couldn't turn it away. I vicariously felt the feelings of freedom, vitality, joy, connection, and passion. I began to envision myself fully in Bali - on the back of a scooter, under the palm trees, surrounded by like minded people. I was photographing the most beautiful things.

I had no doubts that would one day, it would be me.

and then things got spooky.

at the end of the retreat, my boo Jax announced the dates of her next Bali retreat. Yes! partly surprised (but also mostly not) that this opportunity would come up again. I hadn’t manifested any more money, but for some reason it was not on my mind this time around.

I reached out immediately again, expressing my excitement, and to my surprise (but again, sort of not really) she wrote right back. said she had an opportunity in mind for me on her next retreat!

*to photograph and document the Bali trip in exchange for a portion of my trip costs*

what in the actual #($)%)*?

time froze. I screenshot the message, and feel my heart rate increase to 1000 heartbeats per second. what. the. heck. I thought to myself - did I put some sort of spell on her? how in the world did she feel equally invested in my adventure to Bali as I did?

I did a little bit of automatic panic, but said yes in all the ways. I had already said yes in my heart. no plan, just Yes.

this was my first experience with my own super powers. and I believe a huge part of the dream grew with visualization. to see it, feel the desired feelings fully, and believe it. it shifted something inside me and beyond me. and that is something we all are capable of - to be creators, unbound by rules, fears, expectations, and certainly not money.

so with the start of the new year, I start a new dream. and I know what it looks and feels like to achieve it. 

maybe that is all I need. 


cliff-notes: see the value in something, see the price tag, freak out, and say Yes anyways. the How becomes more clear once you see the end result as already on its way.

Carianna Hebert