cupid's golden arrow, and the history of love

valentine's day is ahead...

and every year the cute cards and sweetheart candies, chocolates, love letters, and roses bring about a renewed awareness of love. each February we are confronted again by our existent or non-existent relationship status, the strength of our practice of self love, and loads of expectation. a tradition that nearly fosters the opposite of love - lack. we feel alone, unlovable, undisciplined, unconfident to make the first move. 

and with all of the pressure comes doubt. and with doubt comes a heck of a lot of questions.

in my conversations this time of year, I hear a common concern. questions of: how to love, who to love, what to love, am I getting enough love? should I give a gift, or withhold in case he doesn't?

and yet again, the brilliant truth is that the only answer to any of these questions has to come from within.

BUT what if love is an infinite flow of energy that is always present? a universal consciousness. 

yeah? ok good. because it is. 

now that we have agreed on this awareness, we can take action: you ready?

starting today, I invite you to give yourself permission to be in the flow of love without controlling it.

what do I mean by that, you say?

well, we spend so much time protecting our hearts that we physically and energetically stop the flow of love, to us and from us. in order to keep love present, we have to continuously give and receive. we have to let go of the tit for tat kind of love and allow for the circulation of love. 

so - if you want love, learn to give love. 

even if it's first, before you know it's safe.

remember cupid? the guy with the magical golden arrows? he could make anyone fall in love with the shot of an arrow. he set a clear intention (love), directed his energy at a target, and sent it out into the universe. personally, I think he's a genius. he knew that when the act of giving love is joyful and unconditional from the heart, it will flourish. when we choose to raise our vibrations of love, and send that high frequency of energy out, we not only elevate our Being, but effortlessly open the doors to a higher state of receiving. 

so yes, love and valentine's can have a material expression. I love treats and romantic getaways, don't get me wrong. but what we have available to us in any moment is a universal love consciousness. an infinite flow.

significant other or best friend, gifts or quality time, chocolate or sweetheart, it's your choice to show up AS LOVE OR AGAINST IT. 


happy sunday, cupids.


Carianna HebertComment