namaste in costa rica, por favor


Have you ever meditated to the sounds of the jungle? Yes, there is a playlist on Spotify, but I’m talking the actual experience - closing your eyes to the quiet music of the sun rising, wildlife waking, and water dripping from trees, to breathe in salty air, to awaken to a vibrantly green vision of peace in the presence of monkeys climbing branches beside you. 


Waking up with the sun is a treat in Costa Rica. It is 5:45am and the howler monkeys above serve as my alarm. I am so excited to teach my first yoga class abroad in the same country that I promised myself three and a half years ago that I would one day become a yoga teacher. It feels like a miracle moment in my journey.


The sunshine is warm from the moment it begins to peek through the trees. I walk down the hidden path to the yoga studio at Cala Luna Luxury Hotel, an open air space with a thatched roof and fans with a beautiful view of nature. It is perfect. I roll out my yoga mat and settle into the space an hour before the rest of the group will arrive. Sitting tall, I close my eyes and begin to breathe. I feel my body start to soften and my mind focus on capturing the warmth of this moment. I feel immediately connected to this space. I notice my heartbeat, the sensation of my existence, a body of freely floating magical particles. 


When I open my eyes, I am instantly taken aback by the beauty of this land. Stripping away all of the distractions of the day-to-day hustle, the fears of not being enough or having enough, I reconnect with my true self and the universe. I see things with clarity and feel so much gratitude; I hope that my students will share this same experience. In the hour that I spend to myself, absorbing as much light as I can, I am comforted by the healing power of nature.



photography @hannahbjorndal