2019 hack : shed to regenerate

let go of old stories and revive the radiance of you.

how to set yourself up for a potently powerful new year full of magic, awe-inspiring beauty, and your deepest desire kind of success. tips, rituals, and thoughts for the new year.

I love this time of year. everything sparkles, bellies are full of good food and laughter, and I find it easier to allow myself to rest with the long, dark nights. as a child, I used to wallow at the final hours of christmas day because I never wanted it to end. and as I have grown, I have noticed that a part of this fear lives on. a fear that waking up the day after christmas will not be as special - that I have somehow worn out my welcome with joy a day after maxing it out. gotta go back to being average. back to real life. an automatic habit I inflict on myself.

well, not this year. not for me.

I am transmuting this old narrative of scarcity into a powerful energy that serves me and brings me the greatest love for my own life. it is a practice that has given me access to what I consider now to be the keys to my success / the magic wand to my future / and the path to fulfillment through living in alignment with my purpose. each limitation, a crystal ball, showing me what is possible on the other side of fear.

if I choose to move past the resistance and let go.

sometimes the payoff for letting go is confronting in itself - what is at stake is a really happy and powerful person that maybe not everyone will like. but similar to a snake that sheds old skin, a unicorn that regenerates a new sparkly horn, I choose to keep looking in the mirror for areas to transform into a higher power. to refresh my wardrobe. to clear out the cobwebs. anything that is not beautiful, magnetic love must go.

why? well, because like attracts like and that is what I want for my life.

so, imagine moving beyond the things that keep you small, quiet, and unsatisfied.

what would be possible for you? imagine the power that you hold beyond your fears and muffled joy - if you were to be fully yourself.

I invite you to close your eyes and take a look. to make a difference in your life right now. to set yourself up for an even better year ahead.

imagine the perfect you - take a moment, for real, just pause.

what are you wearing? do you have a purpose? a job, career or calling? who are you surrounded by? what do you love most about you? are you in a relationship?

try and connect with what is most authentic to you - not just what looks great on someone else.

pro tip: if this is challenging for you, try a seven day social media detox to reconnect to your soul’s truth. you might fill the time with guided meditation and focus on creating a vision.

next, note and label the things/thoughts that stop you from being truly fulfilled. the blocks in the way of you living your perfect life today. list three stops.

they may be self-made stories, societal norms, money, time etc. the things that challenge or scare you most.

pro ritual tip: set aside 10+ minutes to meditate and release old narratives. start by lighting a candle and burning each of your written blocks. hold rose quartz in your non-dominant hand or over your heart as you breathe to call in healing love and forgiveness.

reflect on your year and record three lessons you are most grateful to have learned.

for me, 2018 provided the gifts of worth, abundance, and vision. they are the things I set out to create and am ready to celebrate.

pro ritual tip: create a daily gratitude practice. journal on your lessons from the year and what the next iteration of each gift looks like for you. maybe it’s starting a blog, going on x amount of dates a week, or adding more self-love into your daily life. being grateful for anything and everything is the secret life sauce.

set four goals/projects/dreams for 2019 and make them visible

you may look at career, family, self-love, travel, wellness etc.

what structures do you need to put in place to succeed?

pro ritual tip: if you have big dreams and want to add power and velocity to achieving those dreams, seek inner guidance and a life coach.

you might also create a vision board (you can sign up for my meditate x muse class at free people on 1.13 here) and meditate daily - who wants to start a new year’s meditation challenge? try at least a week here!

alas, it’s time for change. whether we are ready for 2019 or not.


it’s ok to let go.

it’s ok to want more (esp if you are grateful for all you have).

it’s ok to transform.

it’s ok to be happy.

it’s ok to love yourself.

it’s ok to receive support.

it’s ok to own your worth.

wishing you all the happiness humanly possible in the upcoming year.


we define happiness as the joy you feel moving towards your potential
— shawn achor
Carianna Hebert