selfish is the new generous ♥

truly care for yourself this holiday season,

you can’t pour (dairy free eggnog) from an empty glass

you know what I have wondered recently?

what if being selfish gets a bad rep?

I would like to go on record for saying I am not promoting being disrespectful towards others, however, what if SELFISH (adj): seeking or concentrating on one's own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others actually served us in being responsible to create the life we desire and need without getting deterred, distracted, or discouraged? I wonder if we would then be able to then give back to our families, communities, and our planet in a more evolved and empowered way.

I often have conversations about what it means to be selfish with my coaching clients and what I notice is that we all avoid the possibility of being labeled as such like … the xmas naughty list.

(more holiday humor coming, please enjoy)

I might even go so far as to say that we subconsciously overcompensate for being judged as selfish and neglect our wellbeing, needs, and dreams as a consequence. what has made us believe that it is so wrong to take loving care of ourselves and prioritize our needs? maybe there is some martyr reward society that I do not know about. I am open to that. yet I still believe that there is something out there for us better than that. and it starts and ends with us being powerful individuals.


consider that it is actually healthy to prioritize yourself as #1. to concentrate on and really seek those things that nourish your mind, body and soul. you can still love your partner, career, family, and friends as much from that place. maybe even more. and yes, especially this time of year when we might be confronted by spending even more time with others, but also every day. this is just my call to a conversation about actually setting yourself up for an abundantly jubilant and joyful holiday season, as well as launch into a new year as the real you.

the you who steps out into each day whole and complete - no matter your circumstances or what people around you are doing. you do not give your power away.

the you who values, loves and cares for yourself. physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. you are an absolute treasure, gem.

the you who is worth knowing - who is successful, motivated, self-aware, passionate and generous.

the you who expresses yourself fully, creatively, as a goddess, as a magnetic super human and attracts miraculous things.

the you who knows that you are a gift worth giving and receiving.

like honestly though, does every cell in your body resonate with your greatness?

if I were going to create an empowered definition, and I will, I would say that being selfish is deciding what you need to give yourself to succeed on your path. and then having the courage to commit to it.

ultimately, you may choose to call it something else. but life is only what we make it mean, right? my intention is to actually have you consider what you currently do to understand, honor, and express your human desires and needs. because they matter.

for me, I commit to sourcing my self generously through daily meditation, yoga, coaching, journaling, reading, travel and nature. I connect with the universe by seeking beauty and practicing gratitude every morning. I connect with others as a coach, teacher, leader, friend, teammate etc. and I adore/smother my romantic relationship - all for me. And also you. And them. But it is ultimately for me to truly live my life purpose of inspiration, love, and generosity AND have that be also in regard for others. I allow myself to receive the significance of this gift of being in total alignment and power.

so, what is the most generous gift you would give yourself this holiday season?

….look under the tree passed I do not know.

and if you are still stuck,

well, I know a pretty magical person you could talk to.

and if you do know. what’s the next step to committing to expanding your power?


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