soooo, do you only take yoga photos?

I've had a lot of people ask me lately: 

  1. What exactly are you doing with your life? (ya, I know I get it) 
  2. Can you take photos of my _____

the answers are:

I'm sort of figuring it out, but it involves mindfulness, manifesting dreams, travel, and capturing all of that goodness. 

and yes, I can take photos of your babies, birthday parties, engagements, puppies, headshots, home, business, brand etc.

BUT I want it to be creative.

you see, I take Instagram very seriously. not because of the likes or hashtags or the success (or not) of my following, but because it represents the truth about who I am. every image and every word comes straight from the thumping organ inside my chest. and when someone looks at my photos, I want them to be able to understand me. to know that I am a real, LIVING human, inspired by REAL things that make my heart beat and my eyes sing. and those things are everywhere. so yes, there are photos of my pup and avocado toast and yoga pants. but there are also photos of places and people who inspire me because of their willingness to be authentic (and therefore beautiful) and I believe that should be celebrated and shown off to the world. 

basically, I would love help create + capture images that represent who you really are too. it takes discovery and practice, but once it starts to unravel, beautiful things show up and stay. you may notice patterns, things that you like or don't like, but we just focus on growing the good. 

in a sense, you become your own brand, your own spirit animal, you are that inspired + inspiring.

so yes, please call me when it's Christmas and let me design your holiday cards so we can get tangled up in white lights + flannel shirts and laugh. or, if you have a business in need of content that aligns or realigns with your brand, I'm here. weddings - not so much, too many rules, but I know a ton of talented people in the industry! 

if you're interested in connecting soon, let's do it before summer ends. 

it's time to celebrate our magic!


ps: you can check out more of my recent work in the photography section of the website! 

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