exploring the unknown, of the subconscious mind

have you ever considered how you relate to the unknown? when I ask my clients this question, I am often met with descriptions of it being scary, dark, mostly relating to the future, not a place to trust, and being avoided at all costs - i .e. Control and Manage life.

what I notice about that is not that it is wrong, but rather the impact on how people relate to meditation, coaching, therapy, and any method that brings us closer to our subconscious minds. for in the subconscious mind, there is so much unknown. until we explore.

have you ever considered how much time you spend in your mind?

the brain thinks as often as the heart beats. even when we are resting, 
the subconscious mind is active.
yet, we tend to resist the structures and care necessary to maintain mental (and therefore emotional, physical and spiritual) well-being. 

exploring the nature of our thoughts and the subconscious mind can often be overwhelming. we are confronted by old patterns and conditioning, limiting beliefs, emotions, scars, and automatic thoughts like worry, stress, and fear. have you ever tried to meditate and as soon as you close your eyes are inundated with thoughts, analyzation, worrying if you are doing it right, battling a restless mind - and in turn doing the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish? it’s normal. and it does not have to go that way when we understand the possibility that lies in the unknown, rather than greet it with fear and insecurity.

in meditation, the purpose is to slow down your brain waves and move beyond the analytical, thinking brain. it requires relaxation of your physical body and an awake mind. you already know how to do this, as a child you never had to learn how to fall asleep or wake up - this is the same process of getting comfortable and allowing the mind to begin to relax, just maintaining consciousness on purpose. if we can allow our bodies to begin to fall asleep while we are aware of our inner world, we are in the perfect state to begin our transformational and/or creative work - the opportunity in meditation, coaching, and exploring the unknown is to improve our unwanted & outdated programs so that they serve our wants and needs - not run the ship.

no matter where you are at today with your process of self discovery and leaning into the unknown, the biggest takeaway is that all of it require practice. daily, weekly, monthly, ongoing practice in order to reprogram the negative pathways and create new stories. it’s takes reconditioning. I invite you today to practice with ease, to embrace the darkness that greets you as a friend and to reach out when you feel lost, stuck or alone.

we are all shifting into a higher consciousness together, and the world needs it.


happy fourth!

Carianna Hebert