AWAKEN x seven days of guided meditation

AWAKEN x seven days of guided meditation


soul awakening begins with honest listening.

the images you see on the back of your eyelids as you fall asleep

the daily whispers

tiny pings of inspiration

beams of sunlight stretching through the trees.

listen closely, make it your job to become aware of what is speaking to you from within. we are all on a journey of becoming awake.

- c

join me on a weeklong journey of intentionally breathing life into your daily activities. throughout these next seven days, prepare to reconnect and reawaken the wisdom that lives within in service of your highest self.

to meditate x muse you world to life

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upon purchase, you will immediately receive your first guided meditation, a bonus mediation for the everyday. this file will remain available for download for 24 hours and it is recommended that you use this simple breathing meditation before beginning your seven days of guided meditation and throughout.

for the next seven days, you will receive a guided meditation straight to your email inbox, along with inspiration, affirmations and guidance.

please note that meditations range from 10-20 minutes long. consider creating a promise to meditate at the same time every day for the next 7 days to receive maximum benefits. and on the days when you are distracted or need a quick, simple meditation, come back to this bonus meditation and just breathe.