The Art of Mindfulness / autumn yin yoga + meditation

The Art of Mindfulness / autumn yin yoga + meditation


imagine what we could learn from our bodies if we stopped moving - stopped rushing, twisting and turning.

stopped running away from what is actually going on inside.

what would we discover in stillness? it may be chaos, stress, agitation, pain, grief, joy and peace. could we be avoiding it all?

what if we created space just to simply notice the state of our inner atmosphere on a daily basis- not because anything is wrong or broken, but because we desire a full life of balance and wellbeing.

this is the art of mindfulness, yoga and meditation. the withdrawing from distraction and action and allowing ourselves to just be as we are. this is the journey of our work together.

join me on Sunday, October 14th from 10am-12pm for a two hour meditative yin yoga practice designed to harmonize your body with the energy of autumn.

this yin sequence will target various connective tissues, organs, and ligaments as access to a deeper physical release in the body. we will be holding a series of grounding yoga poses for 3-5 minutes each in order to release tension, energetic blockages, and bring lubrication and length back into the joints/muscles.

*this practice is suitable for all bodies and levels! it is truly a mind, body and spirit adventure. we will practice using our awareness of our physical body in the poses as access to the mind, and possibly soul. class will conclude with a 20 minute guided meditation and provide an understanding of how our bodies can mirror nature and the seasons.

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933 Louise Ave. Charlotte, NC